Dakota McKenzie, author, speaker, founder of “Your Brilliance”, is all about natural power, ease and grace —and a stunningly unique approach that will leverage your business beyond your wildest dreams.   She is a spiritual mentor, an entrepreneur extraordinaire and a gifted intuitive rolled into one powerful package.

Since 1995 she’s been helping people who help the planet stand up to their full height and rock this world. In 2010 and 2011 she has received downloads from spirit about the most powerful way to help humanity blossom to it’s full potential. It’s through YOU, if you are a coach, trainer or entrepreneur who holds this vision and you have a hunch to take your work to large groups or even create a certification program. You can double or triple your income (or more) by releasing your amazing gift to the world like an abundant fountain.

Dakota helps you create a one-of-a-kind certification program based on your unique teachings and gifts and imbued with your energetic handprint through her energy code “Your Sacred Hand”. Then she teaches you how to train and certify others in this program so that your work can grow exponentially.
Find out if her work is the missing piece to help you move naturally into global expansion.